New Business set up for Yvonne de Villiers


Swedish Massage


I will still do massage for all my clients that wants it, as long as I have seen you since 1 January 2022 . The only difference is that you will have to book an 1 hour Structural Integration Session and leave me a note that you would like a 60 or 45 minute massage. I will set it up accordingly.

I will not be taking on new Swedish Massage Therapy clients anymore.

I feel I have much better skills in SI to get better results for my clients and want to promote my business in such a way.


Structural Integration


I am still taking on new and existing clients for SI. This will be my main focus.

Nothing changed - if you want to book an appointment you can do so online same as before.

The 90 minute SI treatments are for people that finished the 10 series and prefer a longer tune-up session.

If you are a new client please choose the First time client option for the first appointment and then book the other 9 as tune-ups. I recommend that people book all 10 sessions in one go, be it one or two or three week apart. For best results if possible your appointments can be booked on the same day at the same time for all 10 sessions. This way we are sure that you will stay within the guidelines of the treatment and if you have to miss an appointment we can tack it on at the end without major disruption.


Scar work therapy


This is my other skill I want to practice and it is for anyone with new or old scars. It will help with softening the scar, color changes, more mobile scar, regaining sensation or reducing sensation and reducing adhesions. It is effective by doing short visits that includes facial work around the area.

Longer treatments is reccomended for more severe cases of adhesions and bigger scars.


Personalized Energy Therapy


This treatment includes Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Life Alignment Technique, Dipolar Magnetic Balancing, Sound Therapy and more. We might even have a visit from the other side. Usually this treatment will not be covered by your benefits.


All these sessions can be booked online, if you have any questions please contact me at: or call 519 601 6602




- As of June 11, 2022 the mask mandate has been lifted for medical settings except for nursing
   homes and group homes, you can still wear a mask if you feel comfortable doing so and please let
   us know if you want us to wear a mask during your treatment upon arrival.

- Implemented increased cleaning of all contact surfaces in the clinic.

- Implemeted COVID-19 screening on appointment arrival.

- All paperwork are required to be completed online.






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All the information you need to know for your first appointment will be sent with your first confirmation e-mail when you book online. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us here or call. Our professional team will be happy to help you.


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