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Yvonne started their career in South Africa as a Holistic Practitioner doing Energy work including Reiki (Reiki Master Teacher), Reflexology, Crystal Therapy and Body Alignment Technique. After 15 years of studies in different fields of energy work, Yvonne went to Massage School in South Africa and graduated in 2001 with Honours. Their are now using the skills acquired over the years to improve their client's experience. 


In 2003, they had the opportunity to come to work in Canada for a summer and decided to stay. Five years later they attended Medix college upgrading their Massage Therapy training and graduated with Honours in 2011. Yvonne felt Massage Therapy restricted their goals of giving people longer lasting pain relief and maintaining it. They found Rolf Method of Structural Integration and graduated in November 2015 as a Certified Structural Integrator. Yvonne's latest training acquired in March of 2023 was Scar Therapy, they are excited to help anyone with old or new scars.


Seeing life changing results in people's postures and lives are their most satisfying reward!


Message from Yvonne


Why I do Structural Integration.


I see Structural Integration as an art. We are the artists, musicians/conductors and facilitator of change in a willing body! 


This is a technique that releases the connective tissue or Fascia in the body for a better balanced posture. By following the 10 series it encourages the body to change by using safe touch, safe movement and education.


Through safe touch, safe movement and education we create change and space in the human body.

The first level of touch is looking at a body, communication is another way of opening up the layers and by touch itself you are allowed into the body, like stepping into a Cathedral, stepping into the space of what your body is and the silence is contagious and from that level we create balance.


Music contributes to suspension of extension and contraction of the beat, like the beat of a heart, the rhythm of breath. Every breath in is suspension, every breath out is extension (breath out is contracture and release of tension.)

The more we work on the body, the more awareness is implanted into the body. We find that inner space through peace and movement.  Here is where we introduce the nervous system through deliberate safe movement to repattern the old habits of disease, pain, injury and stress.

We now retrain the body to move optimally, openly and use our new found "space" in the body.

Now our bodies can "suspend" itself in the matrix of gravity and move effortlessly through space.

Stillness allows suspension, allows space - That is why meditation is a good practice to allow our minds to expand, suspend and create space for creation.

Eye contact is looking into the soul of another and seeing the person within.


This is the "Magic" of Structural Integration.



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