Restore Scar Therapy


How can scar therapy help me?


There are many benefits to seeing a therapist trained in RESTORE scar therapy.  If you have recently had a surgery or injury, your therapist can treat your scar to help stimulate healing and soften fibrosis as the scar matures, and suggest self-care for you to continue at home. Scar therapy can even be beneficial for older scars. The body is constantly renewing cells so your old scar can still improve when given the right stimulation.


Treatment from your therapist using RESTORE method should always stay within your comfort levels. We do not need to hurt you to generate improvements to your scar and any underlying adhesions or fibrosis.


We can't make a scar disappear, but scar therapy treatment usually generates improvements to symptoms such as pain or sensitivity. Textural changes to the suppleness of the scar and surrounding tissue often occur. 


How many treatments you may require will be dependant on the scar issues and symptoms you are experiencing.


Restore scar therapy is a method of non-invasive physical therapy developed to treat scar tissue, fibrosis and adhesions after surgery or injury using specialist scar massage and fascial release, therapy tools and self-care advice to promote healthy recovery.


     Restore scar therapy has been developed to:


  • Stimulate changes in scars, both on the skin surface, and any adhesions or fibrosis in the underlying tissue.


  • Promote functional and cosmetic improvements after surgery or injury


  • Reduce common symptoms, such as pain and sensitivity


  • Assess and treat any associated functional changes


  • Support emotional wellbeing after surgery or trauma 


After your scar therapy treatment


Scar therapy has been developed to stimulate the body and generate changes in your scar.  During your appointment your therapist may also work on muscles and fascia around the scar.  This will usually leave you feeling relaxed and give a sensation of lightness and mobility at the end of the appointment.


What to expect after a scar therapy treatment


You may immediately notice changes in your scar or you may notice changes in the following days after treatment. Some people require a few treatments before significant changes are observed.


As nerves repair, some peole experience a sharp pain sensation which lasts for a moment.  This is normal and should not be a cause for concern.


You may feel tired or emotional after scar therapy. Listen to your body and rest as needed.  Gentle and compassionate touch on your scar may generate emotional release.  Ask for help if you are struggling with your mental health.


Your therapist may recommend self-care massage and products to help hydrate and protect your scar.  These are very helpful to improve the cosmetic and functional results as part of a scar therapy treatment program.


Exercise after scar therapy


Follow your therapist's advice for returning to exercise. They may recommend that you avoid strenuous activity for 24- 48 hours after treatment.


During an appointment your therapist will stimulate the scar and surrounding area. If you engage in demanding physical activities your body will need to divert attention away from the scar.  However, being totally inactive after treatment may lead to stiffness.  So, gentle exercise, stretching and following any physiotherapy or specialist exercises you have been prescribed will usually be helpful.


When to seek medical advice


In the unusual circumstance that there is increasing swelling or pain, which persists for more than 48 hours after treatment or is increasing in the days following treatment, contact a medical practitioner to rule out an infection or other medical concerns.


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