Structural Integration Homework Series

Session 1 - Finding your line


This homework is designed to align your body ideally in the field of gravity. In this alignment postural stresses are significantly reduced or eliminated. By learning to stack your body in this manner you are re-educating your nervous system to this ideal relationship.

How Often: 

This exercise is done on an ongoing basis. Every time you are stopped in a standing position.



Align your feet, fist width apart, pointing the second toe straight forward. This creates a solid foundation for your structure.  This will correctly align your ankles and knees.

The final step is important to ensure a true and proper line so you are standing from the top of your head.

Slightly tilt your head back,

and in a relaxed fashion bring your chin to level making sure you stand tall, take a deep breath in and exhale while softening along the spine.


You should feel soft and standing without any effort to keep you in that space.

Smile! You are in your line!



Session 2 - Toes Up Foot Up: Basic



This homework is designed to re-pattern your feet so they will move and function in the correct planes of movement during walking and running.

How Often: 

This exercise should be done at least 3 times per week. The best time to do this re-patterning is before a walk or a run, but can be done any time.



Sit on the floor with your low back as close to the couch, chair, or wall as possible to allow a lengthened spine. You can also lean back on your palms to lengthen the spine. 

Align your legs and feet in front of you as if you standing in your line. Work on one leg at a time, moving the non working leg off to the side.

In this position, bring the toes up towards your nose -

Then flex your foot up -

bring your foot down with the toes still up -

then point the toes down and soften your foot. Start again with toes up

Toes up, Pause, Foot up, Pause, Foot Down, Pause, Toes Down, Soft. Repeat this 10 times.

Switch legs and repeat.
Do 3 sets of 10 for each leg.

If this is too much and causes strain, reduce to two sests of 10 each or even 1 set of 10 until you feel stronger.

Session 3 - Rolling the Spine



This homework is designed to re-pattern the spine. It will help to re-position the vertebrae in the correct alignment. This is a great exercise to do in the shower. The hot water will help warm the tissue surrounding the spine and may make it easier. It is 
also good to do when you are having any kind of spine stiffness or aches.


How Often: 

This exercise should be done at least 3 times per week.



Directions: Basic

Stand in your line with your knees slightly bent - start by rolling your chin to you chest and continue to roll (imagine clicking over one vertebrae at a time)

as far down as your body allow you to go without pain - make sure your arms are hanging softly as you go (rag doll) then slowly while breathing soft and calm come back up from the bottom of the spine clicking one vertebrae at a time back up till you stand back in your line.

Repeat for at least 5 reps, more if you are able 





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